Translations EN, DE, ES>IT: methods, times, costs

I cannot describe the sense of satisfaction I feel when I find the right term to translate a specific foreign word; this annoyed my former employer, who became impatient when I took longer to finish a translation that he needed to reply to a customer: he was always saying it was important to have a general outline of what was written: he didn’t understand how important it was for me to translate a specific term with the correct Italian word. It is anything but a waste of time; instead, it is the pursuit of perfection, even if perfection is not of this world. Mistakes happen, and this is why, in a nutshell, each time I finish a translation I leave it to rest; I go on to other texts that require to be read, understood and loved by me and, a few hours later (or, if there’s time, even the next day), I return to it, re-read it carefully and then deliver it to the customer.

To do this, I ask the customer for any reference terminology/glossaries, to be as coherent as possible with previous translations; while I am working I highlight doubts (usually concerning terminology, but at times a text may have been written hastily and lack consistency, and therefore I have to make sure that the Italian text flows). Then, towards the end, when the translation is almost ready, I submit all my questions to the customer in a single email/phone call, to cause the least possible disturbance.

It is specialised and meticulous work and, as a friend said, almost an obsession. However, the most gratifying result is the satisfaction of my customers; not only because, prosaically, they will come back to me, but because, when they read my translation, they will capture the nuances, they will understand it.

We all know that everyone needs their documents translated yesterday, and although a few particularly enthusiastic customers have said that I’m a wizard, I can assure you that I’m not; I cannot perform miracles, but I will endeavour to provide you with a quote as swiftly as possible and, should you confirm, to deliver your translations in the shortest time possible.


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